What is the Best Type of Tile for Flooring?

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When creating your dream house, one of the things you might want to know is the flooring material that’s best for your kitchen, bathroom, etc. Is porcelain floor tile the most ideal or should you stick with ceramic tiles? Each type has its own unique characteristics. 

Ceramic vs Porcelain Floor Tile

They look the same. But porcelain is less porous compared to ceramic. Porcelain is better for indoors and outdoor. It’s also denser. Ceramic tiles are great for interior floors and walls. Porcelain tiles, on the other hand, are ideal for areas in your house with heavy traffic because they are highly resistant to scratching. 

Advantages of Using Porcelain Floor Tile 

  • Resistant to liquids. The tile’s density is the reason porcelain is highly resistant to liquid penetration. The use of melted glass glaze makes the tile waterproof. 
  • Resistant to stain. It’s also stain-resistant so staining agents won’t penetrate down. If it is closed, the effects would be dramatic. 
  • Less water absorption rate. This is the reason it’s suitable for exterior applications because its water absorption rate is less than one-tenth of 1%. 
  • Durable and fire-proof. It’s hard, dense, and resistant to heavy impact stresses. That’s why it’s ideal for commercial use. And in case of a fire outbreak, it won’t burn easily. 

Cons of Porcelain Tile 

It’s a bit heavier making it cumbersome to install. The process of installing it is difficult and can be laborious because it’s heavy, sturdy, and challenging to obtain precise cuts. 

Advantages of Ceramic Tiles 

  • Water-resistant. It contains a protective layer that can rest over the tiles making them impervious against stain and water penetration. 
  • Design options. There are different design options available. Thus, you can easily find a design that will match your house’s theme. 
  • Durable. Ceramic tiles are tough and they can be difficult to crack. As long as they are properly installed, they could also for decades. 
  • Resistant to Allergens. Because of its solid, hard surface, allergenic can’t penetrate the surface. Wiping them with the use of a sponge is enough to remove those allergens. 
  • Affordable. Per square foot, a ceramic tile can cost between $5 and $15. 

Cons of Ceramic Tiles 

They are difficult to maintain and cumbersome to clean. Plus, the weight can be quite heavy so they are not actually ideal for upper-story installations. 


floor tile

Visit a Showroom 

There are still a lot of things you might want to know before you decide between ceramic and porcelain tiles. When you visit our tile showroom, you can talk to our experts and ask more questions about tiles. Our designers can also assist you in finding the perfect floor tile that’s best for the design of your house. But before you visit, though, make sure that you take a photo of your house. This will immensely help our designers picture the best tile to be installed. 

Call us for more information about our floor tile options or visit our showroom in Glendale and find other flooring options perfect for your home set-up. 

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