What Makes Porcelanosa Different and How It Can Help Your Home


Have you been researching tile and are wondering why the name “Porcelanosa” comes up time and time again? The truth is that, for generations, this name has come up time and again. We can tell you that this has occurred on merit. This company has been around for decades, setting a new standard for tile and more in everything that they’ve done. 

Often, we’ve been asked some version of “where do these tiles come from” or “why are they still so popular?” The truth is that there are plenty of reasons that these tiles have been popular for so, so long. 

Where Did Porcelanosa Start and Where Is It Now? 

It didn’t begin as a huge, global corporation. Its origins can be traced back to humble beginnings to a fishing community along the Spanish coast. Nestled in the lap of the Mediterranean, the company has evolved into a family-run business that transcends geographical boundaries, offering architectural and design services that resonate globally.

As the sun set on its early days, the company embarked on a journey that has firmly established it as a leader in sophisticated tiling solutions worldwide. 

Today, with a pervasive presence in over 140 countries, the company boasts a network of meticulously curated showrooms—some owned and managed directly by the firm, others operated through trusted distributors. The consensus among homeowners, architects, builders, and designers is unanimous—the company stands as the epitome of excellence in the world of tiles.

What Makes These Porcelain Tiles a Preferred Choice? 

These tiles, crafted through the dust-pressed process from porcelain clays, exhibit a unique blend of solidity, impermeability, and fine-grained smoothness. Their sharply shaped faces tell a story of meticulous craftsmanship. 

Notably, porcelain tiles showcase a significantly lower water absorption rate than others, rendering them frost-resistant and practically impervious to environmental challenges. Particularly durable, glazed porcelain tiles surpass their non-porcelain counterparts in wear and damage resistance, making them ideal for spaces subject to daily wear and tear, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and showers.

Don’t Other Companies Put As Much Into Their Tiles? 

The superiority here in the tile industry is not merely a happenstance—it’s a deliberate commitment to tasteful design and uncompromising quality throughout the production process. This steadfast dedication has yielded ceramics that stand among the finest in the market. 

The company’s organizational structure plays a pivotal role in this success, with specialized sections focusing on various applications of ceramic, porcelain, and hardwood. From kitchens to bathrooms, walls to countertops, their expertise extends to every facet of home design.

The variety of finishes offered by the company is nothing short of impressive, catering to every conceivable taste. From the earthy allure of stone and marble effects to the sleek modernity of metal finishes and wood effects, their range is a visual feast. The meticulous attention to detail extends to all of their products. 


A Showroom to Find What’s Right for Your Kitchen As Well As Your Bathroom 

In essence, Porcelanosa is not merely a tile brand; it is a purveyor of design excellence, a curator of spaces, and a stalwart in the realm of home aesthetics. From its humble coastal origins to its global eminence, the company continues to set itself apart as an industry titan, delivering innovation, creativity, and unmatched quality to discerning customers worldwide.

To see how these products can fit into your home, we invite you to check out the rest of our site or come to our showroom.

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