What to Consider When Looking at Kitchen Tile

kitchen tile

Have you been trying to find the right shower or kitchen tile? When you sit down to look at what you need to get tiles, does it seem like it’s a bit overwhelming? Here at Amirian Home, we offer a diverse range of options to suit your preferences. 

For example, tiles, renowned for their durability and water-resistant properties, make an ideal choice for kitchen and flooring. With the ability to withstand heavy foot traffic and spills, they ensure a lasting and aesthetically pleasing solution for your haven.

That said, there’s plenty to take into consideration when you’re getting tiles. Below are some factors to keep in mind before getting tile. 

Start With the Budget 

It may sound a bit obvious, but you want to keep your budget in mind. Before delving into the myriad tile options, establish your budget. Tiles for your kitchen and shower come in a variety of price ranges to say the very least, from affordable to custom-designed extravagance. 

Determining your budget upfront allows you to explore options without jeopardizing your plans for the renovation.

Style Is Important, But Don’t Forget About Durability 

While all tiles are crafted to endure demanding conditions, not all are created equal. While every property is different, we recommend that you opt for tiles with robust properties, capable of withstanding heat, water, and other elements. Ensure they maintain their integrity, resisting breakage even under the toughest circumstances.

Easier Maintenance Makes Life Easier 

Given the high-traffic nature of kitchens, prioritize tiles that are easy to clean. Choose flooring that won’t succumb to cracks or stains, making materials like clay and limestone excellent choices. 

These tiles not only exhibit durability but are also fired to emulate the natural allure of stone. Avoid tiles that necessitate special cleaning solutions, ensuring a hassle-free upkeep routine.

Your Kitchen, Your Shower, Your Color, Your Combination 

Harmonizing your tile choice with your cabinetry is crucial for a cohesive design. Consider the overall look, texture, and contrast, ensuring a seamless integration of tiles and cabinets. 

In fact, you can even use tile to make your kitchen seem that much bigger. Small kitchens benefit from smart storage solutions. 

To make your kitchen appear more spacious, consider hiding small appliances like coffee makers, microwaves, and toasters within cabinetry. This ensures they don’t clutter valuable countertop space. Resist the urge to accumulate unnecessary appliances, and instead, focus on concealing those you already have.

How We Can Help at Our Showroom 

You certainly don’t have to. But, you may even want to bring a sample of your cabinet finish to the tile store, facilitating a visual assessment of color and texture compatibility. 

Bring samples of potential tiles to evaluate their compatibility with your kitchen’s aesthetics. Assess how the color and texture complement your cabinetry, ensuring a harmonious blend that enhances the overall design. This hands-on approach helps you make an informed decision on the most suitable tile flooring for your home.

kitchen tile

Our Shower and Kitchen Tile Showroom Can Provide Solutions 

Transforming your kitchen with the right tiles involves careful consideration of budget, durability, maintenance, and aesthetic cohesion. 

We provide a comprehensive selection, making the process an exciting exploration rather than an overwhelming task. Visit us to discover the perfect tiles that will enhance both the functionality and allure of your culinary space.

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