What to Look for in Kitchen Tile Flooring When Remodeling this Space?

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Tile flooring can take a huge bite in your renovation budget. That’s why you must pick the right style and design that fits your personality or meet your goal. Tile is a vital element of any home design. But when it comes to kitchen tile flooring, you need something that can tolerate heavy foot traffic. To help you shop for the right tile, visit our flooring stores in Glendale CA. But these tips could also help in your quest. 

When Shopping for Tile in Flooring Stores in Glendale CA 

Whether it is a complete remodel or you just want to update your kitchen flooring, you should consider how the flooring plays with other elements, like your countertops or cabinets. If you want to make your kitchen look bold, opt for a colorful subway tile. Mosaic tiles are also popular. To give this area a softer look, choose more subtle ceramic tiles. Just because it is subtle, it does not mean that it is boring. Talk to our designers at Amirian Home to give you more advice on how to inject visual interest into your kitchen flooring with the use of interesting patterns. 

Wall Tiles 

When shopping for kitchen floor tiles, you must not forget the tiles you can use for your walls. They are bound to be splattered with oils. Thus, we recommend using wall tiles that make cleaning a breeze. For instance, the backsplash you install near the sink needs the most attention. Opt for a darker color so that food and water spots won’t be visible. There’s also the option of picking marble and granite tiles. They offer color variation and they can easily hide small spots. And for the size of the tile, small ones will mean more grout and more maintenance. 


No matter what style and design you want to use for your kitchen floor, the tiles must be durable. They should also be resistant to moisture and hard-wearing. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are best for this room because they are durable. They can also easily resist moisture. But marble and granite are also great options on the pricey side. 


In addition to the tile’s durability, the colors can also affect the overall style. For your kitchen, the best colors are beige, gray, green, and white. You can choose bold colors. They are trending now. However, you may not like them years from now. For that reason, it is best to just choose a natural color for your kitchen tiles. 

Flooring Stores in Glendale CA

What Brand is Best for Tiles? 

Various brands manufacture durable tiles. When you visit our flooring stores in Glendale, CA, you will get to know these manufacturers and find out which one offers a great deal for your money. To help you choose the right kitchen tile flooring, please visit us or call us first here: (818) 862-3122.

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