What Will You Find at Our Kitchen and Bathroom Showrooms?

kitchen and bathroom showrooms

When it comes to household decor, we rarely think about kitchens and bathrooms, for we tend to see them as mostly functional rather than as opportunities to extend the design and visual sensibilities of the rest of our home. However, at our kitchen and bathroom showrooms, we want to make sure that you have access to the aesthetic possibilities of these particular rooms.

Building Kitchens and Bathrooms

Creating unique spaces at home, be it in the kitchen or in the bathroom, will all be a matter of working with the right tools. Now, we are not talking about the tools to actually build the environment but rather the components of the rooms in questions. That’s what we at our kitchen and bathroom showrooms aim to provide.

Create the Kitchen You Dream of

Anyone who enjoys cooking knows that a good kitchen is key. Cooking means spending hours in the kitchen getting work done, which is why comfort and convenience are important design components that have to be implemented at the time of putting the room together. Now, what’s the best way to approach this? What will you need to create a beautifully functional kitchen? You will need to distribute the counters, cabinets, islands, and appliances in a way in which the layout contributes to the ease of transit, cooking, and storage. On top of that, you will want to pick flooring that not only proves resistant and easy to clean, but also complements the design. A good kitchen showroom can showcase everything you need in order to better build the kitchen you want.

Design the Bathroom You Want

kitchen and bathroom showrooms

Similarly to kitchens, the success of a bathroom depends on whether or not it is easy and comfortable to use, which will involve the distribution of the furniture and the fixtures. By furniture, of course, we mean bathroom vanities, around which bathroom activity and use often revolves. Vanities will serve a variety of different uses, including propping up the sink, holding all daily necessities, and storing additional materials. On top of that, showers, toilets, and sink basins will serve as the necessary fixtures of bathrooms, all of which can be used to create a cohesive design in the bathroom under a shared aesthetic. A good bathroom showroom will have all the elements you might need to create a bathroom in which you’re happy to start your days and end your nights.

Visit Our Kitchen and Bathroom Showrooms

Are you looking for the best tiles to use in your home? Do you find yourself unhappy with the selection of fixtures that you’ve run into so far? Well, we at Amirian Home want to make sure you have access to everything you might need to create pleasant and functional environments. We maintain an extensive catalog meant to help you find what it is that you want in order to create something unique. You can browse our collection here on our website, but you can always visit our kitchen and bathroom showrooms at 4116 San Fernando Rd. in Glendale and 219-221 PCH in Hermosa Beach and take a look at what we offer for yourself.

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